Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Welcome Christmas! Christmas Wreath Ideas

No doubt that all are properly decorating their homes, creating a sense of beauty, comfort and glamor. Christmas is the most wonderful holiday because brings warmth and kindness in our hearts! To properly welcome and solemn Christmas, we suggest adorned the door of his house with a Christmas wreath.

Aesthetics and mood, which brings each decoration is kind of emotional gift that should not be underestimated. We are sure that such an arrangement can bring many happy smiles, as family members and all of your guests.

Holiday wreath can create yourself, if you have the appropriate materials. You need an oval design, decorative elements of artificial or natural raw materials, silicone gun, thin wire with which to attach decorations. Use twigs, cones, cinnamon sticks, woolen yarn, fabrics, various Christmas decorations and anything your imagination can translate into a work of art ...

Here are some great ideas for Christmas wreaths in a different style:

To decorate your home with a Christmas wreath!
Christmas decorations on the front door talks about hospitality and coziness. It is part of the festive decoration creates a positive mood and diversify otherwise boring look of the door.

Here's a suggestion on how to quickly and easily make yourself a Christmas wreath on the front door.

For starters it is necessary to obtain fir branches - artificial or natural. By phone shape and tie them in a circle. If a loose crown add additional branches here and there, so it looks rich greenery. So shaped, the base of your wreath is ready.

For his decoration you will need tape for textile decoration in red and gold, dry leaves, preferably oak, gold spray paint.

Make two ribbons of red and a golden ribbon and thin wire pinch them to the wreath. Then about himself wreath spiral curl of golden ribbon.

Take dry leaves and sprinkle them with gold spray. When you are sure that the spray has dried, pinch the leaves of the crown using a needle and thread. Put that list as you like and as you see fit.

Not necessarily the arrangement of decorations on your wreath is exactly the same as the photo. This is your Christmas wreath, so I do as you please.

Accent can put an angel, hanging from the crown as the picture, but you can put a golden cone or beautifully carved plaque with the name of your family.

Unusual wreath for the front door

If you prefer a slightly different and unusual wreath on the same basis replace cypress twigs, toys and ribbons with decorative twigs with berries, cones, nuts, acorns, chestnuts, hazelnuts and shells of various nuts. Glue them on the tangled branches of universal glue.