Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The Story Of The Christmas Tree

Why do we decorate the Christmas tree?

Too much long, centuries ago, along with Christians celebrated Christmas solemnly on December 24, the feast of Adam and Eve - the first people God created, having created the world. Arranged lavish celebrations with various religious performances. One of them showed how Adam and Eve ate the apple of knowledge of paradise tree. But the celebration was the middle of winter, when no apple leaves and fruit. So they replace it with an evergreen tree that decorated with apples.

Later to become the decoration more festive, began to decorate the tree with garlands, sweet and dry candles and red apples dipped in sugar syrup. On top placed a beautiful star, a reminder of the night when the star of Bethlehem proclaimed the birth of Christ. So two holidays merged and wonderful custom to decorate green Christmas trees spread around the world.

Nowadays apples and sweets have been replaced with different toys and garlands, but the tradition to decorate the Christmas tree remained.

3D Christmas tree Paper

With the coming of December imperceptibly but persistently arrives and the Christmas spirit.
Shone streets and shop windows, smell of cinnamon and sugar toast.

Christmas travel to each of us, but especially exciting is it for the kids.

To make it even more memorable, create your own emotions, which will make it unique and unforgettable for children and the whole family. Experience shows that the best way is to create, to create together. Whether you draw a Christmas tree straight into the camp of people will interfere with children's hands or a Christmas cake will produce together Christmas decorations - does not matter. Important to be together and create memories.

We share with you one of the first ideas that we like because it is easy to implement even the youngest children and will not cost us anything more than a few sheets of colored paper.