Wednesday, 23 December 2015

The most bizarre Christmas traditions around the world

Seen from a different perspective, Santa Claus is actually a fat old man who enter illegally in the homes of people around the world once a year. Each state has its strange customs of Christmas, and somewhere in the traditions and has a not so friendly and cheerful version of a good old man with gifts.

In Australia, children are afraid of Krampus Christmas devil who beat children with sticks.

In Greece, a similar role have kilikanzarite, evil spirits that lurk underground. In 12 days past Christmas they go over land and wreak havoc.

In South Africa, telling children how the grandmother of little Danny beat him to death because they ate sweets Santa Claus and now Danny goes home on Christmas.

In Iceland Yule cat stalking the hills and eats anyone who has not received new clothes before Christmas Eve.

In Catalonia put the figure of Kaganer in the nativity scene. Kaganer is a small figure of a man who poo.

Another strange Christmas image is Theo December Nadal, in other words "akasht log." Theo December Nadal log face and a blanket that is placed half in the fireplace on Christmas Eve and beating with sticks.

Although the UK holiday home side frantically clean for the family and guests, in Norway it is rather on Christmas Eve nobody clean. All brooms are hidden in secret places, so as not to steal the witches and evil spirits.

Not all traditions are bizarre fatal. There are many interesting and unusual customs that warm hearts.

Canada has a real address of Santa Claus: Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOHOHO. Each year hundreds of thousands of letters arrive at this address, and their senders receive a written reply.

Many Venezuelans go to church on Christmas Eve. Residents of Caracas, for example, they go to church on roller skates.

Besides stockings hung over the fireplace, children in Germany left shoe in front of the front door on December 25. Shoes of good children like a magic filled with goodies during the night. Neposlushkovtsite are only fir branches. Another German tradition to hide a pickle in the tree. The first child who finds pickle on Christmas morning, received a special gift.

In Ukraine, the Christmas tree is not decorated with garlands and toys and artificial spiders and cobwebs.

Every year in the Cuban town of Remedios is organized festival Parandas. The city is divided into two and each half creates a sculpture of Christmas lights in preparation for Christmas.

In almost every town in Guatemala to make every house a pile of garbage and put it on top of a devil figure, then burn pile.

In the Czech Republic marriageable girls stand at the door and throw a shoe over your shoulder. If the shoe drops fingers toward the door, the girl will marry next year.

In Latvia mummers with patterned suits knocked on doors and bless people. In exchange for the kind words they receive sweets.