Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Santa Clause Vintage Christmas Cards Collection

Santa over the years

Is there a better way to keep the memory of Santa Claus except bright postcards?
Over the years, good old man has changed many times. Do you remember Santa Claus?
Here is a collection of vintage postcards of Santa Claus from the early 20th century. Grandfather is a red, blue and even green suit. Even a simple winter coat. Most of the cards is the same cheerful and good old man we know today, but some look quite harsh and strict. Despite how it looks, Santa Claus remains the most beloved old man and look forward to it next year.
Until meet Santa Claus!
And really there is very little to Christmas ... believe it or not, Santa Claus still exists in the hearts of many large and small, like a real person or simply a message of kindness, love and unity, but how it all started it all.

Here is Santa Clause Vintage Christmas Cards Collection