Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Last Minute Christmas Preparations

Christmas is one of the brightest Christian holidays, so preparations around him has always been an exciting time for our family.

The table is always richly arranged with treats and goodies. Traditionally prepare, what is the favorite of every member of the family, and the whole house is decorated festively.
The smell of cinnamon, citrus and many candles adds a festive atmosphere.

Our house is always decorated with handmade Christmas decorations.

Here is part of it:

Christmas pebbles

1) Christmas pebbles - by using the decoupage technique chosen motifs from napkins or decoupage paper stick on white pebbles or colored ones previously painted with white acrylic paint. When dry stones can be placed in a basket or bowl. We give them away to family and friends as souvenirs, gifts. With the decoupage technique in the same way you can decorate bottles, candles, boxes.

Christmas wreaths of macaroni

2) Christmas garlands of pasta - it needs several types of pasta, cardboard, silicone hot and imagination to create a unique Christmas wreath that can adorn both your home and can give your loved ones. On the card is cut out a circle of which the pasta stick with the help of heated silicon. The resulting crown can leave it in its natural color or spray with spray color / best silver or gold /.

and the wine and champagne adorned with poinsettias

3) This year the wine and champagne adorned with Christmas stars made of crepe paper put aromatic green leaves and dry them become the eye candy of any guest.

small paper Christmas tree

4) From old magazines folded small paper Christmas trees, which are also sprayed with spray and sprinkled with glitter. This is an ideal way to utilize old and unneeded magazines.

5) Snowmen yarn, ribbons and wires.

6) Sveshtnicheta - able to set up their own decoration for the Christmas candle using ribbons, wire, dry leaves, brocade and warm silicone and candle itself can decorate motif napkin using decoupage.

Salt cake

7) Christmas goodies house - using a variety of sweets, especially those that appeal to children - waffles, cookies, jelly and chocolates, anyone can create their own Christmas house with which to surprise the children.

8) Salted cake - here's the recipe for it: Boil kg potatoes, peeled them thoroughly and without subterfuge! Boil the eggs and also ten am ready with the preparations. Choose a suitable pan, break the mayonnaise in a bowl, scrape row potatoes, cheese and eggs row, put a little salt and mayonnaise. Repeat with all the same ingredients as mayonnaise to smooth finish. The decoration is always a surprise, I try to fit the holiday. Eat cold with a glass of whiskey for a good mood and smiles :) Happy Holidays!