Tuesday, 22 December 2015

How Is Christmas Celebrated Around the World

How celebrate Christmas around the world Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year and the Christmas table is quite different for countries around the world.

Christmas is a holiday that is celebrated by billions of people around the world. Christmas lunch is an important tradition for families, but the dishes are served in no case are the same. As local traditions are fundamental to the way of celebration we will categorize the selected countries on the continent. Clearly, that Christmas people eat the best, giving them the place they live. Africa Most countries in Africa are Muslim, but this obviously does not prevent local Christians to celebrate Christmas. The population of Ghana is made up mainly of Christians who served on the Christmas table pretty interesting dishes. Among the most important are fufu and gumbo. Okra is widespread in Ghana and it is logical that one of the most consumed plants in the country. Fufu is another national dish of countries in Central Africa. Represents cooked and then condensed mushy vegetables, mostly native cassava and bananas. All are local vegetables and cassava is probably the most important plant because it gives food to nearly half a billion people. Asia and Australia Asia is the continent where there are at least Christians per capita. Most Asians practice Buddhism or Islam or indigenous religions. People celebrate Christmas in China are extremely small - about 4%, but given China's population, it makes about 50 mln. People. Traditional Christmas dishes include roast (or barbecued) and pork or chicken soup. In the Philippines, even the traditional Christmas table attend meatless dishes. Cooked rice served in bamboo and flavored with coconut and brown sugar. Quite exotic sounds, right? Filipinos cook yellow rice, which can be found in other countries in Southeast Asia such as Indonesia. In Australia, Christmas table much like the European one. As a former British colony in Australia inevitably have ported and traditions. Australians focus mainly meat dishes (unlike Filipinos), as the table you can see various types of meat, including seafood. The barbecue often baked delicious seafood, such as shrimp, for example. Although Australia is an island most prepared are pork, chicken, beef and lamb, not seafood. North and South America North and South America are all Christian countries and in South and Central America, religion is something really important. Christmas is an important holiday for the locals, and serves only depend on what are the local habits. Let's start with the US, as past films American traditions are well known. Almost all have heard how Christmas is collected all the American family, and the table is famous roast turkey.

For garnish often cook vegetables, mainly potatoes and zucchini. South of the United States is Mexico, whose residents are especially devout to them for Christmas dinner is not just another meal. Mexicans love to serve a variety of dishes. Salted fish and beet salad is a favorite for the festive day. The salad of beets can be added different fruits and nuts, and lettuce. Quite a fresh salad! We continue south and we are in South America and more precisely - Peru! Peruvian cuisine is one of the things that you should try if you visit the country. Corn is one of the most consumed foods in Peru, corn meals but surprisingly not in the traditional Christmas table! Peruvians prefer turkey, accompanied by fresh fruit. If you need to talk to zealous Christians we can not mention only Mexico, but also Brazil. 200-millionth hand is one of the largest Christian country in the world. Brazil is a tropical country, so it would be strange if the Christmas mass attended by exotic fruits and nuts. The main course is a choice of turkey, pork or fish - depending on the area where you are. If you have visited Argentina, you should know that the country's beef and veal are highly respected. The restaurants can often offer a large selection of meats - Argentines are great masters! Logically, beef is the main dish in the Christmas menu. Steaks are cooked deliciously seasoned with onions and spices, and guests are offered boiled eggs. Europe finally left for Europe, as European traditions are well known - still have Bulgarian and quite common. UK. The main Christmas meal is roast turkey. The turkey is accompanied by dishes according to the taste of the host, but often are baked potatoes and / or cranberry sauce. In Germany prefer the table to attend roast goose with potatoes. Goose can be accompanied by sauerkraut. In Bulgaria turkey (instead of goose) with cabbage, also preferred for Christmas. France. French also cook goose, but this time toppings of roasted chestnuts. Poland. Poles prefer the Christmas table fish dishes. They often add boiled eggs and potatoes. In Spain also prefer fish and seafood to pork and turkey. For their part, the Russians apparently unable to decide what they want to eat at Christmas and so few meats baked together. The most common ingredients are turkey, goose, duck and chicken. In Italy also prefer roast turkey with pasta and of course - good wine!