Tuesday, 22 December 2015

101 Ideas for Christmas

Approaching one of the most magical, warm and family holidays - Christmas and New Year. Selecting gifts, Christmas cards and decorations of the shops is exciting, but how much more exciting, fun and interesting it would be to make them yourself and contribute to the festive atmosphere in the house! Handmade at least part of gifts and decorations at home as well as delicious sweets would make Christmas and New Year even more colorful and memorable for you and your children. Therefore, we offer 101 ideas for decorations, cards, tasty treats, entertainment and inspiration from around the world!
The Magic of Christmas: How to make unique decorations for the Christmas Season and holidays.

Although regularly discard old wrapping paper, boxes, jars, collected during the summer vacation cones, twigs and any other trifles, usually at home we have plenty of them. Well, now is the time, instead of wondering how to get rid of them, turn them into small Christmas jewelry without much money and effort.

This is how:
koledna dekoracia 1
1. These wonderful paper balls can be made from old wrapping paper, string sound and painted with white acrylic paint branch.
koledna dekoracia 2
2. ethereal and gentle tree with which to decorate the festive table use plain green string or yarn. Make a cone of paper, wrap it around the thread that they have chosen and apply one layer on top C200. Wait to dry and carefully separate paper cone. Glue small beads, buttons or other small beads on your tree. Lovely, isn't it?
koledna dekoracia 3
3. Put the tree plate! Folding napkins holidays in the form of tree would bring more festive mood. Here's an idea how this can create Christmas tree step by step.
koledna dekoracia 4
4. We already have rolls of toilet paper, which dissolve in the water and disappeared for a moment, but still those that are wondering what to do far more. Here's how to rehabilitate them. And if we assume that the most valuable gifts in small boxes, it is definitely the origin of these will not matter if inside we expected something small, but long dream.
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