Wednesday, 23 December 2015

10 little-known facts about Santa Claus

The magic of Christmas is already here, but magic Is Santa Claus and you believe in it?

Here are 10 unknown facts about the holiday and Santa, who might not know, and which bring us back to reality, but not quite, because if we want the magic to happen, it is important to believe in it.

And so:

1. The prototype of Santa Claus is Saint Nicholas
Today's Santa Claus is derived from the image of St. Nicholas, which is not cheerful, but at the expense of equally generous. St. Nicholas was a Christian priest who lived in the fourth century BC. BC and had distributed his wealth to help the poor.
In the Netherlands, he is the patron saint of prisoners, unmarried women, pawnshops and thieves. The idea of ​​leaving gifts under the tree comes from the celebration of St. Nicholas in the Netherlands, where it is the custom to leave small gifts in the shoes of children, and in return they left milk, candy and cookies for the good old man.

2. Good old IMI own ZIP code
Good old man is the only person in the world to have its own ZIP code. It is N0N 0N0. Christmas postal services around the world are overwhelmed by dozens of children's letters to the greybeard. Canadian Postal Service even a campaign "Write a letter to Santa Claus" to motivate children to learn to write correctly and Indiana releases special ZIP code for communicating with him, which is 47579. Unfortunately letters reached only in postal bins stations.

3. Before Santa was goat Yolobuki
The most important for children around Christmas person is sworn jolly and generous dispenser of gifts, but few know that before you end up as your current image, the old man was actually was ... goat. Goat Yolobuki, as it is known in Finland did not brought gifts, and was taking gifts from children being watched closely whether made them on time. Only later the goat began brings gifts to good children, and then was replaced by Santa Claus.

4. Coca-Cola invented the red Santa suit
Santa Claus is known for his appearance, including red suit and white beard, but what you may not know is that in this form he displayed in 1931, when the leaves first advertisement of Coca Cola with good old man. Until now, he is depicted with colorful costumes, including green, blue, brown, purple and white. The image of the classic Santa Claus is advertising the popular drink is painted by artist Haddon Sundblum soda giant in 1931.

5. The celebration of Christmas was banned
Puritans in the English Parliament repealed the celebration of Christmas in 1655. In 1695 in New England Christmas celebrations declared absolutely illegal, and citizens who decorated their houses or dressed as Santa Claus salty been fined. Christmas was not an official holiday only in 1870, President Grant declared him one.

6. Santa Claus comes from Spain?
Legends say that Santa's workshop is the North Pole, but I guess it was not always so. In Belgium and the Netherlands, where it is known as St. Nicholas, legends say that Santa Claus actually comes from Spain and instead of reindeer sled to move used boat.

7. In early Santa Claus was a bachelor
The wife of Santa Claus first mentioned by James Rees in the story "The Legend of Christmas" in 1849.

8. The sled is invented by the author of Sleepy Hollow
Santa's sleigh was created by Washington Irving, author of "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow." Santa's sleigh was first appeared in a collection of stories back in 1819. The idea that good old man can enter through the chimney and leave presents under the tree is also his. He describes favorite of children as "a big, bearded man who smokes a pipe." Dickens was inspired precisely by the stories of Washington Irving for his "Christmas Carol."

9. The workshop old man is simple publicity stunt
The first workshop of Santa Claus was invented by businessman James Edgar in the US in 1890. It came through dressed old man in a red suit to increase sales of toys during the Christmas holidays. The strategy proved highly successful. From that moment on impersonators cheerful old man can be seen in all the shopping centers around the world, attracting thousands of visitors, and this in turn stimulates trade, especially in goods related to children.
Rudolf was born in order to get children to ask their parents coloring books.

10. Santa Claus is a Canadian citizen
In 2008, Canada signed a declaration that Santa Claus is recognized as a citizen of the country. Under international law, however, the North Pole is not part of any country, although countries like USA, Canada, Norway, Russia and Denmark have repeatedly tried to seize it.